Looking to get your flu shot?
Book your appointment at your local morelli's pharmacy.

In order to make the process as smooth as possible, we ask that you fill out your Flu Shot Consent Form prior to coming in for your appointment. Print out and bring in your completed consent form, or upload the completed consent form to your Guardian Diem app (instructions below).
If you have any questions or wish to book your appointment, contact your local Morelli's Pharmacy.

Upload your completed flu shot consent form using the guardian diem app!

STEP 1:   Open the Guardian Diem App on your mobile device.
STEP 2:   Ensure the correct Guardian Pharmacy is set. If your Pharmacy is not set or you are new to the App, simply search your desired location and set as “My Pharmacy”. Follow any additional instructions if prompted.
Step 3:   Go to “Prescriptions” – Press the Plus Sign (+) and select Fill to fill a new Prescription.
Step 4:   Take a picture of your completed Flu Shot Consent Form by tapping the camera icon at the top of the page.
Step 5:   Enter your phone number and birth date. You may choose to add “Flu Shot Consent” in the special instructions.
Step 6:   Press “Fill Prescription”.
Your consent form will be faxed directly to your pharmacy.

** You must contact your preferred Morelli's Pharmacy to book your appointment. **